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Hijos de la Divina Voluntad:
« Historical Meeting with the Lord »

Medellín, 31 august, 2007

Hijos de la Divina Voluntad

In this article:

- A brief description of the visit that Archbishop, Monsignor Alberto Giraldo Jaramillo, from the Archdiocese of Medellin, did to our Community in this city.

- A summary of the homily.

Brief description of the visit

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Monsignor Alberto Giraldo Jaramillo, Archbishop of Medellín

We are spiritually united with our Community members in our houses at Barranquilla and Guatemala as well as with other members and those who like our Community in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, USA and Canada (and other parts of the world), and together with them, we offered the Holy Mass as thanksgiving for the following blessings:

  1. The Anniversary of the definite approval of the Community’s Statutes by the Archdiocese of Medellin (August 28, 2006).

    We are a group of baptized laymen that live in Community. Our charisma is to live out the fullness of the gospel according to the Will of God, in a spirit of profound interior prayer life committed to continual spiritual formation in faithfulness to the Truth (as contained in Public Revelation and the Magisterium of the Church). » See Presentation.
  2. The assistance that we have always received from Divine Providence.

    Thanks to Divine Providence, this year we have completed payment of our location in Medellin to the Archdiocese of Istmina-Tado. We have also begun to purchase our future location at the Archdiocesis of Barranquilla.
  3. The many favors that we have received through the intercession of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, whom we honor by remembering the various Feast Days devoted to Her during this month. Especially:

    The Feast Day of Her Assumption on August 15 (The Day of the Divine Will), which is the most important Holiday for the Community.


Fr. Pedro Rubio HDV (Community’s General Coordinator), Fr. Oscar Rodriguez (Community member from the Diocese of Armenia), and Fr. Martin (Parish Priest of the area) concelebrated Holy Mass.

The Psalm of the day marked the theme for both the homily and the celebration, “Rejoice, righteous, in the Lord” (Psalm 96). With these words, the Archbishop said good-bye to the parishioners at the end of Mass: “This encounter with the Lord should have left a great Christian joy in our lives. With these joy, you may go in Peace.”

More than one hundred people attended the Retreat for the month of August in Medellin.

Monsignor Alberto Giraldo After the celebration was over, the Archbishop left the Chapel and warmly greeted everyone who approached him to ask for a blessing. He also devoted some moments to personal prayer at the Chapel.

Monsignor Alberto Giraldo honored us with his company at dinnertime and then we enjoyed a pleasant moment in his company along with the internal members of the Community in Medellin.

Before leaving, Monsignor imparted a special blessing to the Community’s Adoration Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.

Hijos de la Divina Voluntad with the Archbishop of Medellin

+ Thanks be to God always.


Summary of the homily given by His Excellency Monsignor Alberto Giraldo, Archbishop of Medellin, during the celebration of Holy Mass

Today’s meeting with the Word at the Eucharist must bring about among us the joy of being with the Lord; a joy that should be reflected in our lives, “Rejoice, righteous in the Lord.” (Psalm 96), “A sad saint is a pitiful saint.”

God has called us to live a sacred life; a life of sanctity, that is, a life that manifests clearly and unquestionably that God is first.

Living as Consecrated Laity means to live within the world but not to belong to it. It also means to live out a series of values that have gradually become forgotten in our society. Christians must adopt a life-style that places people before things, spirit before matter, and ethics before techniques; by living this way, we will be doing the Will of God.

We wait for the Lord and we wait for Him with lit up lamps for we know neither the day nor the hour. Let us have a good provision of oil so that our lamps will not go out (Matt. 25, 1-13). Of course, our Lord comes at the end of our lives; but this final and decisive coming is anticipated by the many times that He comes to our lives, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, (then) I will enter his house and dine with him, and he with me.” (Cf. Rev. 3,20).

The Lord comes and is coming; sometimes He comes in ways that may seem unpleasant to us; He also comes in the silence of prayer every time that He moves us to do His Will.

"Rejoice, righteous in the Lord"; this is a historical encounter with the Lord, He is here now.

This should be our prayer, “Lord, teach us to calculate our days so that we may come to enjoy the Wisdom of the Heart.” (Psalm 90,12).

May this encounter with Him, makes a real mark in our lives!