Merry Christmas

Let us join our Blessed Mother Mary for a tribute of love, appreciation and thanks to he who is living Love.

"During my birth my Divine Mama made me a beautiful surprise with her acts, with her love - with the Life of my Will which she possessed. She formed my Paradise on earth. She did nothing other than braid the whole Creation with her love, laying seas of beauty - making me enjoy our divine beauties within which her beauty was shining. How beautiful my Mother was - how beautiful to find her in the whole of Creation; she made me enjoy her beauty and the beauty of her acts. She spread her sea of love to make me find her love - my Paradise of love - in all created things. I delighted and exulted in my Mama’s seas of love. She made for me, in my Will, the most beautiful tunes and the most delightful concerts, so that her little Jesus would not miss the music of the Heavenly Fatherland. My Mother took care of everything, so that nothing would be lacking of the enjoyment of the Paradise I had left. She kept forming, in each one of her acts, new joys to make me happy. By just leaning on her Heart I could feel such harmonies and contents as to be enraptured ." (Volume 36. December 25, 1938. Writings of Servant of God Luisa Luisa Piccarreta).

P. Pedro Rubio hdv

Hijos de la Divina Voluntad