Merry Christmas

"The best way of having Me be born in one's heart is to empty oneself of everything. Finding this void in the soul, I can fill it up with all My goods.
The second way of having Me be born and increasing my happiness is, everything that the soul does whether it is internal or external must be done for Me, to serve me, to honor Me and to follow My orders.
The third is love of heroism, love magnified, love of sacrifice." Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta (Vol VIII, Dec 25 1908)

In this Christmas
we want to wish you the gift of Love,
because only those who let love flow
appeal to Love to transform us
into the One who is all Love.

Jesus became man out of love
to love those who were created by love,
to light up in them the fire of love
put out by the lack of love

He loved us in the most unimaginable
and sublime ways,
that have never been thought,
with his infinite power, with his ineffable wisdom

He lowered himself in order to rise us up,
teaching us, that it is by lowering ourselves,
that we rise to Him

He became a little child
in order to make us grow as He did,
teaching us, by this, that becoming as children
is how we grow as He did.

He embraced everything with his love
to teach us that embracing everyone
is how we learn to love as He loves.

Each act He did, each word He pronounced,
each thought and each heart beat,
embraced everything: the past, the present and the future;
his love could not leave anybody aside,
and that is why, He filled every lack of love with his love

So that we could, as well as Him,
receive all the love that He grants us
always and in everything,
in order to be able to love as we were loved by him.

We invite you to let yourselves be loved by loving.
We invite you to let yourselves be loved by dying.

Hijos de la Divina Voluntad Colombia

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