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On the mystical character of the Writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta

Luisa Piccarreta - Sostiene y mira un CristoWhen it comes to Private Revelations there is always the risk of distorting the message received by those who try to transmit it to others. In some cases the human and sometimes even the diabolical element could intervene.


This is why the Church with Her Divine Prudence warns Her children and sometimes remains silent when she is in the presence of supernatural manifestations. In some cases, the human element itself (within the Church) does not know how to properly listen because of lack of preparation and faith.

In some cases the human and sometimes even the diabolical element could be present in some manifestations of the supernatural divine origin. When an inexperienced person receives a Private Revelation whether he is educated or uneducated, could experience the presence of a diabolical or human element, at a lesser or greater level, depending on the kind of life that he lives. Therefore, there is always the need for a Spiritual Director who can distinguish and discern between human, divine and diabolical elements in order to profit from the Divine elements alone.

There is a less risk of distortion and unfaithfulness to the message in the Private Revelations that take place at the level of pure intellect or at the level of the substantial word to which Saint John of the Cross refers to as transcendent words and images. St. Theresa of Avila’s and St. Catherine of Siena’s private revelations fall under this level, as well as those of St. John of the Cross. And to these we could add Luisa Piccarreta, whose writings you are about to learn more about.

These times are abundant with all kinds of manifestations which we need to discern whether they come from God or not. However, we would like to clarify, that the writings of Luisa Piccarreta do not speak of this type of imaginative manifestations, but of the much more reliable type, like those of Saint Theresa of Avila and Saint Catherine of Siena.

Let us keep in mind that even in these types of revelations, when the persons who receive them do not live in the fullness of the divine life (grace), they could easily be fooled and fool others as well, as it has happened in so many cases.

The above statement leads us to conclude that when the person through whom the Lord wants to make known to us the mysteries of His Love, lives fully what she teaches, she is humbly and obediently rooted in the doctrines of the Church and has a great love and respect for Ecclesiastic authority, (even when they are adverse), there are enough elements present that could lead us to believe that such manifestations could come from God. This is what the Church and Our Lord look for.

These are the signs that the Spiritual Director should look for and be present before he begins to dialogue with this person. Without these signs, even though the manifestations may seem to come from God, there is a need to doubt their divine origin. In this case the Spiritual Director should warn the person against the possible presence of a psychological or even a diabolical illusion that could turn the soul into a toy in the hands of the devil.

When reading the Writings of Luisa Picarreta, one can easily see the presence of many of these positive signs. This gives us the certainty that these writings are not deceitful but come from a truly extraordinary mystical woman.