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Luisa Piccarreta
The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Luisa Piccarreta - En oraciónThe intention of this introduction is not to be a complete biography of Luisa, “The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”, but only to touch upon a few important moments of her life.   

We invite you to continue to know everything that the Most Holy Will of God can do and how far It can go when a soul gives It full liberty to act and does not interrupt Its work with his human will. It intends to show, consequently, what the Holy Will of God can and wants to do in each of our souls, that is, that It wants to establish Its permanent dwelling among us, the Kingdom of God on earth, the Kingdom of the Divine Will. It wants the Will of God to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, according to the prayer that our Divine Savior taught us.

To truly know Luisa Picarreta and everything that God wanted to do in her, these lines are too limited. Our idea of her would be totally inadequate. In order to be able to know this privileged soul of God, we would have to read all of her writings, 36 volumes which she wrote in the form of a diary, and some other works she wrote which are of no short length.

But even with this, Luisa Piccarreta will always be one who is unknown and only in Heaven will we be able to come to know a little about the heights to which God raised her. Naturally, we do not want to anticipate the unquestionable judgment of our Holy Mother Church who, on the other hand, has already initiated the process of beatification of Luisa which was officially opened on November 20, 1994, on the solemnity of Jesus Christ, king of the universe.

The Church was also pleased to canonize Fr. Hannibal Maria Di Francia on May 16, 2004, he being one of the first apostles of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.