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Here we have some of the testimonies from priests of holy life, who met Luisa Picarreta and/or her writings:

Hannibal Mary  Di Francia


Canonization date: May 16, 2004


Saint Fr. Hannibal Mary Di Francia

"I want you to know that since I have totally dedicated myself to the great work of the Divine Will, I practically don’t concern myself at all with my institutes. I talk about it with spiritual people, I keep to this point with those who are able to listen and I promote it as much as I can, even in my institutes…" (Letter to Luisa Piccarreta - Messina. Feb 14, 1927)

Rev. Fr. Ludwig Beda O.S.B

Rev. Fr. Ludwig Beda O.S.B

Rev. Fr. Ludwig Beda O.S.B

"Yes, I consecrate myself to this work, even to martyrdom.

Now, I have set aside my great work on the stigmatists; and humanly speaking, I don’t think it will be published anymore, since the editor has been offered another similar work, but of only two volumes. Moreover, even though the editor wants to publish my work, I have not been able to persuade myself to set aside the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

It seems to me that God wanted to put me to the test, to see what I would prefer but the Kingdom of the Divine Will is over everything else. I remain faithful to the work to which I have consecrated myself with a vow." (Letter to Luisa)

Rev. Fr. Domenico Franzé O.F.M

Dr. Fr. Domenico Franzé / Medical Surgeon / Prof. of Physiology and Missionary Medicine – International Antonianum Pontifical University – Associate Emeritus of the Pontifical Academy of Rome, of M.I.

"I was not satisfied with just reading the book, I wanted, in order to make a better judgment, to meet the person who wrote it as well...

Reverent Father, discerning as a doctor and as a priest, I affirm that only a soul so mortified and continually mortified, only a human will fused with the Divine Will, can rise to such primary and fundamental concepts as those manifested by this soul. Without deep studies and without schooling, alone in the bed of her suffering and agony, with a most limited literary, theological and ascetical culture, she speaks about the most profound questions with true competence, she resolves the most difficult problems and leads the soul that reads her writings through the most perfumed fields of the virtues." (Letter to Fr. P. – General Superior for the Rogacionists after the death of Saint Fr. Hannibal Di Francia)

Rev. Fr. Consalvo Valls O.F.M 

Rev. Fr. Consalvo Valls  / Prof. of Dogmatic Theology, Mysticism and other subjects at the Antonianum Pontifical University of Rome/ Delegate Examiner for the revision of the books for the Order of Franciscan Friars Minor.

"Only from grace can there come this substitution of one’s own will with that of God."

"...By all these observations, made in a brief manner, and by the comparisons made, I am of the intimate conviction that the person in question is a soul of God and that the work being done in her is divine. I do not know the life or the story of this soul, but to justify my concept of her, the examination of this book is sufficient, along with the effect that I myself received from reading it, which made new longings of spiritual improvement descend gently into my spirit. Only God has the keys of the heart and he makes them vibrate toward holiness..." (Concept that accompanied the Letter written by Rev. Fr. Domenico Franzé) 

Rev. Fr. Canon Benedetto Calvi

Rev. Fr. Canon Benedetto Calvi

Rev. Fr. Canon Don Benedetto Calvi / Pastor of Saint Mary the Greek, who by order of the Archbishop took Luisa under his care. He was Luisa’s last Confessor. It is thanks to him that we have all the testimonies, which we have collected in these pages, and many other things as well, which have never been written.

As soon as Luisa Picarreta died, Don Benedetto Calvi, devoted himself to collecting and organizing all the paperwork necessary to begin the Cause for the beatification of Luisa Picarreta, which he was certain it would be carried to completion. He would be happy to know that all of his efforts have been rewarded. Without his intervention, much or at least a large amount of the necessary paperwork had been lost.

Our Lord had determined that Don Benedetto was not to begin the process for the Cause of Beatification of Luisa. It was still too soon after the Holy Office had put some of Luisa’s books on the Index of Forbidden Books although it would not have been hard to beatify a condemned person; history if full of similar cases that prove otherwise. One of the most recent cases is that of Blessed Sister Faustina Kowalski, whose writings were also put on the Index of Forbidden Books; we could mention many more, but this is neither the time nor the place to do so.

Don Benedetto Calvi dies in 1968, leaving practically everything buried: Luisa’s biography, her writings, her relationship with her confessors, everything. The only living witness was Miss Rosario Bucci, who assisted Luisa at her home for many years.